Inventory management database



I am new to access and have downloaded the inventory management database.

I need to link the unit price field on the purchase order to the unit price
field on the products form, how is this done?

I have my products in the products form with the prices saved but when I
create a purchase order I have to manually input the unit price. Is there any
way to do this automatically?

Al Campagna

Very basically...
Since you'll be entering many products, use a combo box to allow the user to select any
product from that combo. Use your Product/Price table as the RowSource for the combo.
The combo ControlSource will be your Invoice table Product.
2 Columns... (Access numbers combo columns 0, 1, 2, 3, etc...)
Col0 Col1
Product Price

On the AfterUpate event, the Product will be captured to the Product field of your
Invoice table. Then using a macro or module code, on the AfterUpdate event of the combo,
programatically set the value for your Invoice table Price field. (Assume the combo is
named cboProduct)
Private Sub cboProduct_AfterUpdate()
InvoicePrice = cboProduct.Column(1)
End Sub

This is just the basic concept on using combos to select a value, and in this case...
populate other field/s. Study up in Help, or any Access documentation.

Al Campagna . Candia Computer Consulting . Candia, NH USA
Microsoft Access MVP

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