Internet hangs while on Dial-up connection

Jan 22, 2007
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Hi, hope some good souls can help me out of this. Here goes,

My system hangs abruptly while browsing the Net with Dial-up connection - and only with Dial-up. I have tried connecting my PC to the broadband and it works perfectly. I have downloaded and installed all possible critical Microsoft and non-Microsoft (eg AntiV) updates. With Registry Mechanic and Ad-Ware SE, I have also cleared all probable malicious stuff. I have even tried using different Net browsers - IE and Mozilla Firefox - but the problem persisted. Thankfully, Microsoft Outlook works fine, but that is only if the Net browser(s) is/are not activated. The system is running on Kasperky Anti Virus and uses the Windows Firewall. Please enlighten me on this problem. Thank you very much!

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