Internet Explorer unable to run multiple sessions



Internet Explorer unable to run multiple sessions. I can open up Internet
explorer fine for the first session, but have trouble when I open up the 2nd
session. After I open up the 2nd session, the 1st session closes down
unexpectedly. Is there anything I can do to be able to have multiple
sessions of Internet Explorer running at the same time?

I just installed the latest service packs for windows XP and internet
explorer and neither has helped.



Don Varnau

From IE> Tools> Internet Options> Advanced> Browsing> uncheck "Reuse windows
for launching shortcuts."

And... you probably have a program running which is blocking pop-up windows-
something like Yahoo Companion, Google toolbar, MSN toolbar, a firewall,
Earthlink (or another pop-up blocker) My IE2 (a shell for IE) etc.
Yahoo Companion is a very common cause.

You'll have to turn off the feature that's blocking new windows or, perhaps,
uninstall the program.

With some programs of this type, using Ctrl+click or Shift+click will allow
a new window.

If you're *sure* that another program isn't causing this, these links may
help. Tips #21 & 46


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