Internet Explorer Protocol Handler Custom Cache.



Does anyone have any information regarding what this is, what it does, or how
it can adversely affect the performance of a website within IE7 or IE7
itself? The reason that I am asking is that I got a call stating that a
certain website on a certain PC was consistently not loading and generating
the "Internet Explorer has generated errors" message. This PC had Windows
Desktop Search installed along with it's Add-in for Internet Explorer
History. I thought that this might be the cause of the problem, so I decided
to remove Windows Desktop Search along with anything/everything associated
with it. When I got to uninstalling the Add-in for Internet Explorer
History, I received a prompt asking me whether or not I wanted to keep the
Internet Explorer Protocol Handler Custom Cache. I decided to get rid of it
as well, and after I removed everything and rebooted the website began to
work properly. I am looking now to know why this solution worked.

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