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Ive recently updated to wireless internet with 3 phone company.. its all be
working great no problems
but the last 2 weeks i can only get on certain sites.
i cant get on bank sites and some other ones..
Once i try a bank for an example i get the Internet Explorer cannot display
the webpage becuase you are not connected to the internet but the internet
works fine because at the same time other sites work. i click on Diagnose
Connection Problem but its says that your internet is working fine... Does
anyone have a solution to this..

I allready checked in internet options that SSL and TPS is enabled and
doesnt matter which one of my computers i connect to which are running XP and
one VISTA it always comes up with this problem..

Thank you in advance

Rey Santos

I was also having this problem recently. When I checked my host file I found
this entries at the topmost:
the reason I am not able to access many sites. They are even listed more
than once. There are still many other entries that I know are good sites. And
then I saw this post, I am now in the process scaanning the computer. Any
clues on this?

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