Internet Explorer 8 suddenly slows down to a "crawel"



I have IE 8 on my WinXP Pro SP3 computer. IE 8 used to run faster than
Firefox on my computer. But starting yesterday morning, IE 8 suddenly
starting taking minutes to open up to my home-page. But the real slow down
was when I tried to navigate to other web-pages. On some of my favorite
web-pages , it would take several minutes to load a web-page that used to
take only seconds to load.
When I started IE 8 to a about:blank web-page , it opened much faster than
my home page did. But navigating to other web-pages was just as slow. And
opening up IE 8 to my homepage, with all "add-on's" disabled was just a
little faster , but not much.
However , my Firefox browser is not affected with what ever is slowing
down IE 8 .
And I also began having problems connecting to "Windows Update" . It was
impossible to connect to Win Update via "help and support" . But I was
finally able to do so within my IE 8 browser. That's when IE 8 was still my
default browser.
Any feedback on this IE 8 problem would be very appreciated . I do like IE
8 better than Firefox , but until I can find a fix for my IE 8 problem , I'll
have to use Firefox as my default browser.

Jack [MVP-Networking]

Check the IE Add-Ons and make sure that nothing was installed there
unbeknown to you.
Click on Tools/Manage Add-ons.
Also check for Viruses and Malware in general, it might be something
targeting IE that does not affect FF.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).


I found this too. I turned off all Add Ons and nothing fixed it.

Then I noticed it was working fine and when I looked Windows Live/MSN was
not running. Once running it happened all over again

IE8, 64 bit Vista everything up to date


My problem was some security software I was using. It never gave me problems
before, so I didn't suspect it to.
The software was "Peer Block" and it's "bogon" list , which I had set to
block in-coming IP's . Once I disabled the bogon list , IE 8 and Windows
Up-date were working fine again.

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