Internet Explorer- 32-bit versus 64-bit



Running VISTA Ultimate 64-bit

Any advantages/disadvantages in using either standard Internet Explorer (I
assume 32-bit but not sure) or 64-bit Internet Explorer?

I have both versions of Internet Explorer and don't see any particular

Just curious.


Most people are going to use the 32-bit until an Adobe / Macromedia Flash
plug-in is released for the 64-bit version. As it is, Flash only works with
the 32-bit version. Therefore users of IE can can enjoy sites such as
Youtube with the 32-bit version only for now.

The 64-bit version might be useful though. If you are not concerned with
Flash (and any other plug-in available only for the 32-bit version) you
might have a slightly safer browsing experience running the 64-bit version.
As it is, 64-bit Windows is slightly safer overall as there's not as much
malware aimed at the 64-bit platform and the 64-bit platform and has a
tighter architecture security-wise.

However, not much safer as 32-bit IE 8 these days is tight as a drum: and
unless the user actually gives explicit permission to the malware is
generally impervious. Switch? No. All the major platforms are being targeted
these days: Apple OS X, Linux and Windows 32-bit [and even Windows 64-bit].

Internet Explorer 8 overall is the safest browser available for Windows. It
is generally not susceptible to drive-by attacks; the IE line of browser is
the only one that runs in Protected Mode; IE 8 has been hardened by
experience and depends on real security features; and unlike FireFox,
Safari, Konqueor and Opera, does not depend on the security by obscurity
model. Furthermore, we are now discovering that FireFox especially is as
riddled with security holes as Swiss Cheese. It's because these other
browsers, including FireFox, have not been tested by the fires of reality
and now that they are becoming popular the glaring holes are showing up.
It's unlikely an IE 8 user will be compromised unless they give explicit
permission for malware to run. Most of these compromised systems are a
result of the user of the computer saying yes to the malware. In other
words, have a clue, run IE 8 - the 32-bit version to enjoy Youtube - and
your system will remain safe.



That's not practical for visiting sites such as Youtube which require Flash.
From the Adobe website:

"Adobe Flash Player is not supported for playback in a 64-bit browser.
However, you can run Flash Player in a 32-bit browser running on a 64-bit
operating system."

If Flash advertising bothers a person, consider a hosts file. You can
manually install it or use the installer off this webpage:

[Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File -]

Following is a direct link to the latest file (must remove .txt file
extenstion before placing C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ folder):

[hosts.txt file from website]

I blocks all manner of those tracking sites and ad sites such as Never leave homepage without it.


Bill Yanaire, ESQ

Stan said:
Run 64-bit.

Brilliant answer ****TARD. He wanted to know the differences between
the two and you can't even answer the question. On top of that, you
don't even understand how to fix your computer clock. What a dumb shit
loser you are.

Montague Nathanal Hollingsworth

Stan said:
OK, I learned something new.

Then he should run 32-bit unless there's an advantage in 64-bit which I
just doscovered I don't know what sites would benefit....

Too bad you don't discover a DICTIONARY. Just FYI. Others would
benefit if you figured out two things.

1) Setting your ****ING clock.
2) Learn to Spell.


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