Internet Connection



Recently installed XP Home and have Verizon DSL as my ISP. After the
computer has been idle for a while and I try to to the Web thru Firefox, I
get a error message saying "Firefox can't find the server at".
If I try to connect to the Web via IE following the attempt via Firefox,
sometimes I get a error message saying "Page cannot be displayed". Sometimes
after trying Firefox and then IE, IE will load rather slowly( I
can then go back to Firefox and it will load the home page without any
problem. If I reboot the computer, I can then click on either browser and
connect with no problem. Resetting or turning off the modem does not help
solve the problem. Did not have this problem with Windows 98SE. Any




'Recently installed Winxp' does this mean you upgraded? if so have you
installed chipset and other hw drivers for xp, or are you relying on xp

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