Internet Access Via Windows 2000 VPN



I currently allow certain users to access the network via Windows 2000 Server
RAS/VPN connection. For the users to access the Internet they currently need
to use a proxy server.

I would like to remove the proxy server a have the users while connected to
the RAS/VPN connection access the Internet via the Internet connection
managed by a Cisco router / firewall. This Internet connection is not the
same connection (IP) as is used by the VPN server.

Is this possible, and if so what changes or entries do I need to make on my
VPN configuration to direct Internet traffic to Cisco router’s IP?



Bill Grant

You can't really have remote clients connecting through one router and
accessing the Internet through another. Internet access and VPN server
operation both need a default route out to the Internet, and you can only
have one active default route on the server.

To put it another way, remotes can only route out to the Internet
through the same gateway that they use for VPN connection. Proxy servers
work because they don't depend on default routing. The client contacts the
proxy server directly using its IP address.


Thanks Bill:

You have answered my question and it looks as though I will need to update
my Proxy Server.

Thanks again,


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