Internal DVD Burner Can't Read Discs



I bought an I/O Magic IDVD16DD and installed it in my 2-yr old Dell
(Win XP Pro), replacing the original CD-RW. Upon bootup, the computer
finds the new drive and I can see it in Windows Explorer and Device
Manager. However, if I click on the drive icon in Windows Explorer with
a CD or DVD inserted, no files display. When I insert any disc, the DVD
drive light flashed a half dozen times and then just goes out. Of
course, I can't boot from the DVD drive either. I already had Sonic
RecordNow! installed on this PC, but it too doesn't recognize when a
blank disc has been inserted.

I have also tried to install the DVD drive in a Windows 2000 PC with
the same results except when I click on the drive icon in Windows
Explorer, I keep getting prompted to insert a disc.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is this likely a bad DVD drive?

Paul Erickson


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