Internal and External Account within same Outlook client



Hello all,

I will explain this issue the best I can as I am still a bit baffelled
how it even was working.

I have a client that has uses an internal exchange 2007 server with
the domain (e-mail address removed) for sending internal emails and an external
account (e-mail address removed) for external customers to contact them.

Within the Outlook client both accounts are setup. The internal one
is setup as an Exchange account and the external is setup as POP3 with
the external being the default account. Only about 5-10 people have
external and internal accounts with everyone else just having

When this was setup on the Outlook 2003 client the end user was able
to send an email to (e-mail address removed) and (e-mail address removed) with the POP3
account being the default sending account with the same email.
However when this same setup was applied to this persons new computer
running Outlook 2007, everytime an email went to @abc.local it would
through an NDR and the @hotmail would work. This is actually how I
thought it should work. I doubted the fact that it sent the mail
without issue in Outlook 2003, but they had the old PC still hooked up
and I tested it and it worked.

From what I can tell everything seems to be configured the same
between the two clients. It would not appear to be server side since
it is working with the Outlook 2003 client still.

As an aside if I pick the internal as the source account in sends
internal without issue and if I picked the external account it sends
external without issue. I checked to make sure there were no rules,
macros, any special local host file entries.

Any thoughts on this?




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

With Outlook 2003, if an address failed with one account, it tried another
account, while Outlook 2007 uses the sending account only.

Because only a limited # of people need external access, I'm not sure the
best fix. The usual is to set Exchange as a smarthost and send all mail
using it. You could still do it - and block internet mail to specific user

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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