Intel Preview’s Haswell’s GT-3


Mar 25, 2003
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Bjorn 3D have released their latest article where they take a sneak peek at Intel's Haswell CPU which features integrated GT-3 graphics, and also take a look at Razer's latest gaming tablet:

"The the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, Intel gave us a sneak peak at their upcoming Haswell CPU with their new GT-3 integrated graphics. The GT-3 is reported to run twice as fast as Intel’s previous generation Ivy Bridge HD4000 series integrated graphics, so as long as the rumors are correct, entry level gaming should be fantastic. Intel showed us two systems, one running an Nvidia GTX 650, and the other running the GT-3. Dirt 3 was used to measure the performance of both systems at Full HD, High settings without AA. While performance looked smooth on both systems, the GT-3 did not seem to be as smooth as the GTX 650 was. No final results were reported at the end of the benchmark, but we were also told that driver optimization will also bring higher performance as Haswell gets closer to getting released. Needless to say, Haswell should have enough performance to keep an entry level gamer happy with reasonable performance. While it is not 100% set in stone, we are likely to see Haswell released around April or May or 2013."

You can read more here.

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