Instan-t messenger programme



Communicate with MSN, AOL, Yahoo and ICQ
No spyware and absolutely free
Experience voice and video chat

I finally got to test run this programme yesterday by talking to my
friend in America (I'm in Australia). We previously used Yahoo messenger
and tried but could never get MSN to work. After a recent format of my
computer I refused to download Yahoo b/c there was no setup file to
backup and I'm on dialup. Yahoo apparently installs itself or something
or other.

Anyway, I had heard brief mention of Instan-t here months ago and then
asked here also recently for some advice and Ed A recommended this.
Other programmes were recommended but some didn't meet my requirements
to do the voice bit. I installed Trillian as well but couldn't get it to
connect to MSN for typing and then we couldn't get the voice feature to
work through Yahoo.

My American friend (with ADSL) commented on the improved quality of the
voice connection with Instan-t, compared to Yahoo, and we had very
little breaking up. I set the bandwidth quality dropdown box to high. I
was even able to open web pages while talking - it was slow but could be
done whereas it was impossible with Yahoo. We got no disconnections at all.

After yacking for almost 2 hours we decided to play around and changed
to using AOL after I made a name for myself. We didn't use it for long
but it seemed to work just as well with voice. We didn't bother with MSN
and I've never been a fan of ICQ so we didnt' go there either.

Just wanted to let you all know that this is a very good programme and
worth a try.


Ed A

Glad to see it worked for you. It is not always perfect eg when an IM
co changes its software and Instan-T has to re-adjust but generally it
does what it is supposed to do.

One great feature is the multi-network chat where people on various IM
networks can all chat together at the same time

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