Installing XP to blank new 2nd hard drive



My computer has dual boot system but I've never dared peek in.
It also has 2 physical hard drives.
The first has 1 bootable drive C:
The second larger one has 2 bootable drives. This was a mistake made while
trying to rename a drive. I only wanted one.

My computer's been infected with some worm. Although now cleaned, the USB
drives wouldn't work.
I've been told it's because of the worm(s), and I'd need to re-install the

I would like to take advantage of a blank new hard drive (the second one,
mentioned above) to clean install XP. I've studied some websites, but don't
really feel confident enough about trying because the info does not fit
entirely this scenerio of 2 hard disks.

Would appreciate help or pointers to simple step-by-step sites.





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