installing xp on a HD with xp SP1 installed



My os was unstable so I tried installing the os onto the
one already installed. The install only gets to loading
the devices[approx 80%] and then reboots the computer. I
am not able to boot from a cd and if I boot from the C it
just keeps cycling through the setup untill it reboots.
I think the problem lies in the fact that the SP1 was
dnloaded and installed from the net and I don't have the
install disk for xp with SP1 to re-install. My question
to the wiser is: How can I get my old os to boot giving me
access to all my pgms and data or am I destined to lose my
pgms. I was ale to make and install the setup floppies
for xp[no service pack] to my 2nd partition; However my
programs are not there anymore. The unstable os I think
was caused by some trash dnloaded to my computer even
though NAV did not detect it.
Thanks in advance,



Andrew E

Press the F8 key on reboot or from start-up,select safe-
mode,enter with adm account.Remove files or folders
by copying to cd,or file transfer wizard.

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