installing programs and copying files is really slow



I installed vista 64 bit last night, and have been having some problems since.
First of all is that my hardrive is workinng overtime no matter what I do.
It makes that crounchy sound all the time even if I don't do anything after
start up.

Seccond, copying files between the two partitions or two physical hardrives
is really slow. i tried to copy eq2 (9 gb) and it took more then 15 minutes.
Also, installing the game Lost planet from a dvd-rom took 40 minutes. The
only thing running in the background was windows update. I also get a lot of
"no answer" on even small programs a lot. I can't do more then two things on
my pc at the same time cause then it locks up/no answer.
I have every possible driver for my hardware installed.
PSU is intel duo core 3.0 ghz, 4 gig ram, and 8800 GTS graphics card. MB is
680 SLO from XFX.
I also noticed that installing the driver for my graphics card took over 3
minutes and the same with Nforce chipset driver. Isn't that a bit long? I
have vista on one hardrive and xp on another and the xp is runnnig really
smoth and fast. No problems there. I have tried to install Vista on Sata and
IDE drive, but with the same result.
I believe I have installed every update possible now.

forgive my english but i live in Northern part of Norway and it's cold.


Are you now using EIDE, ATA or SATA drives and in your BIOS is S.M.A.R.T
drive enabled?


right now I got Vista on the IDE drive and XP on SATA. The first vista was
installed on the SATA drive and with only that being powered up and connected
to the PC. gonna check on the S.M.A.R.T option when I get back home. Does
every BIOS have the S.M.A.R.T function or just some?



Been checking the BIOS now, and couldn't find any option for SMART. Or
Memory mapping. However, it seems to run better today. Could it have been
caused by the index-operation and auto defrag? The hardrive works a lot
still, but when it finishes it seems much better.
Installed it all over again last night on the SATA disk, and disabled the
IDE drive.
Gonna update this if I find out anything new

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