Installed Vista on 17" Intel iMac w/2gb memory


Donald McDaniel

Today, after much finagling, I suceeded in installing Vista Beta 2 on my
Apple Intel iMac 17".

While the installation went mostly without hitch, getting all my devices to
work with Vista was a horse of a different color.

Installing the Apple Boot Camp Drivers on Vista helped to get video
installed and usable, as well as firewire, and supposedly, Bluetooth.
Pluging in a USB cable from a USB 2.0 HD caused it to be almost instantly
recognized in My Computer (Sorry, "Computer", as it is now called.) My
Microsoft Optical Desktop Wireless Deluxe keyboard and mouse were
recognized from the get-go.

But I had to connect via Ethernet cable to the AirPort Base Station in order
to go to Windows Update (I suggest going to Microsoft Update, rather than
Windows Update) to get the Atheros Wireless (actually, a Broadcom Wireless
Controller) controller driver.

I also had to fiddle a lot to get the Sigmatel audio codec installed. To
this very hour I do not know how it got installed and configured properly.
Attribute it to the magic of my Fairy Godmother, or to clean living, if you
will. All I know is that after much messing around (like all day), Windows
finally recognized the sound card, and installed the correct driver
effortlessly after that. No, I cannot repeat the steps I did to obtain
working sound in Vista on my iMac, because I don't really remember, it's
all a haze.

If I'm not mistaken, I also had to plug the speaker connection into the
Microphone Input on the back of the iMac to get full use of the external
speaker system, rather than Line-In, which only enabled the internal iMac

It will help to go to ATI and get the Catalyst beta software for Notebooks
with ATI chips.

My Epson printer software CD was used to install the driver for the Epson
Stylus Photo R220. Great CD. I can use it to install my printer in OS X,
XP or Vista, without any trouble. For this I highly commend Epson.

So, as it stands,
1) I have Vista Beta 2 installed on an Apple Intel iMac.
2) I have full use of all Apple devices EXCEPT the iSight camera and Apple
3) I have full access to the local Network, as well as the Internet.
4) I have full use of my external devices, such as keyboard, mouse,
displays, Firewire drive, USB 2.0 drive, and legacy Printer.
5) I have, at all times, the option of switching to OS X by simply


Donald L McDaniel
Please reply to the original thread.


Wow. My compliments on jumping into the deep end and coming out without
water out your ears!

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