installation process Windows 2003 enterprise server



I am trying to build a server using a pentium 4 quad core processor, 500 gb
wd hd, 2.0 gb of ram, 500 watt power supply. When i try to install the server
2003 from cd , it guides the process and when it displays that 35% of files
are being installed and need 35 minutes to complete, it powers off the
computer totally. I have tried 4 times to load the software and always it
happens like as i stated. Processor is not getting hot as fan is working
efficiently, chip set heat sink is not getting hot either. i have tried to
use different ram stick with no much help. What could be the problem as all
components are brand new. Any answer/help to solve this issue will be

Dave Patrick

If there's no blue screen or other error then it must be hardware failure.



Dave Patrick ....Please no email replies - reply in newsgroup.
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Danny Sanders

Test installing the OS with one stick of RAM, if it fails replace it with
the other and test again.


Danny Sanders

I would guess there is a bad chip on one of the sticks of memory that does
not show itself until the computer loads enough stuff in memory for it to be


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