Install XP on new HD with Win98se on existing HD


John Lorden

MY Gateway GS 6-450 is currently using a 12GB HD with OS
Win98se. I have added a new 120GB HD on which I wish to
set up WinXP Home. The physical setup is with the 12GB Hd
as the boot disk Master and the 120GB HD as the slave. I
have updated the BIOS to accommodate the larger disk size.
I have about 800mb free space on the 12GB. I start the XP
install process but eventually run into the problem( a
screen that tells me XP needs to install some files on the
old HD but tells me that this disk does not contain an XP
compatible partition and that I should create such a
partition on the old disk). It doesn't tell me how big the
partition should be and if it is larger than 800Mb
obviously I must free up some space on the old HD. Are
there any knowledge based articles that approach this
question or at least can throw some light on it?



Rich Barry

John, I would move the new hard drive to the Secondary IDE Channel. Then
slave the Cdrom drive to your old hard drive.
If you are going for a dual boot with Win98 and XP then the bootloader
will install on your old drive. It only needs about
2mb Max. Choose New Install>Advanced. Then select the choice of where you
want the WinXP install to load. Format
the new drive and you should be OK. Don't use NTFS if you intend to dual
boot. Use FAT32.

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