Install Works 7 on my old laptop with Windows 2000 Pro. Not on anetwork, I'm the only user. Keep get


Richard O'Connell

Bought used laptop,copy of windows 2000 pro and a copy of works 7. Won't let me install works 7. Message says I must me administrator. I am the only person on my computer and it is not on a network. How do I get the works 7 to install?

Dave Patrick wrote:

What message?

What message? Please be accurate



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John John - MVP

Are you a member of the Administrators group? To find out run this
command at the Command Prompt:

net localgroup administrators

Do you see your user name there?

To start the Command Prompt enter CMD in the Start menu Run box.

Are you new to Windows 2000? Have you ever used Windows NT or Windows
XP? Windows 2000 and Windows XP are similar in many areas, it would
help us help you if we knew your level of experience with this family of
operating systems.

In essence, if you are not a member of the Administrators group you will
have to use one of the following methods:

1- Use the Runas feature to try to install the program. To do this you
need to know the password for the built-in Administrator account. This
may allow you to install the program but it isn't always a 100% sure thing.

2- Log on to the built-in Administrator account and install the
program. You will (should) be able to install the program but the
program may not be available to you when you log on to your regular
account or it may not work properly for non-administrators.

3- Log on to the built-in Administrator account and promote your
account to Administrator. This is the most effective method but there
may be security concerns if you engage in reckless behavior (unsafe
surfing, install unsafe programs, do peer to peer file sharing with
things like Kazaa) with your computer. To tell you the truth I have
always preferred to run *my* Windows 2000 installations as an
administrator and I have never ever had a security problem or a
virus/malware on any of my machines, (your mileage may vary).


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