Install Windows Vista RC1 Build 5728 on an Apple Intel iMac without installing OS X


Donald McDaniel

Here is a sure-fire way to install Windows Vista RC1 Build 5728 on your
Apple Intel iMac, with Windows being the ONLY OS on it.

First, you MUST have the Apple Firmware updates applied which enabled you to
install Boot Camp Assistant 1.1.1.

Second, you MUST have burned a Windows Driver disk using Boot Camp Assistant
1.1.1 within OS X.

Now, on to the installation of Vista RC1 Build5728.

1) From within OS X, place the Vista RC1 Build 5728 disk you burned in the
DVD drive.
2) Turn off computer, then turn it back on.
3) Using the Apple Remote, press the Menu Button as soon as the Grey Apple
Boot Loader screen appears (or as soon as the music starts).
4) As soon as the Boot Loader shows you the existing boot devices, choose
the "Windows" DVD.
5) When the Vista installer begins, enter your Vista Beta 2 CD key.
6) Choose a custom install (Clean). The Upgrade install option should be
grayed out.
7) Once the Vista installer gets to asking you where to install, choose to
delete ALL existing partitions (including the EFI partition).
NOTE: Do NOT do this unless you are really committed to installing Vista
exclusively on your HD. If you're not, end the install here and now. Keep
this in mind:
8) If you have decided to proceed, delete all partitions on the HD,
including any empty partitions.
9) Create a new partition on which to put Vista. I suggest a minimum of
10) Format this partition.
11) Proceed with the installation of Vista.
12) Once Vista is installed, and you reboot into the Desktop, you will have
to turn off both UAC and Windows Defender, including the Windows Defender
service. Don't forget to FIRST set Windows Defender NOT to update, NOT to
start when Windows starts, and NOT to use Windows Defender. PERIOD. Then
set the Windows Defender service to "Disabled".

At this point, you won't have sound. So follow these directions to get
1) Remove the Vista installer disk.
2) Place the BootCamp 1.1.1 Windows driver disk in the drive, and if it
starts, stop it immediately. Copy the installer to C:\Documents.
3) Next open a command prompt then "cd Documents", and extract the drivers
using this command: "Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP" /V /a. The
program name must be in full quotes, while the flags must not be within the
4) The program will run and ask you were to put the drivers. Point the
program installer to C:\Program Files. All the Macintosh drivers for
Windows will be extracted to C:\Program Files\program files\Macintosh
Drivers for Windows XP\.
5) Next, open this folder, and look for the Sigmatel folder. Double-click
on Setup.exe. The Sigmatel installer will install the driver and software.
Reboot, and you should now have sound in Vista.
6) To get Apple Wireless support, open Network Settings, and connect to any
available wireless network. Apple Wireless support should be installed
automatically when you install Vista. All you will have to do is connect to
your available wireless network.

You should have microphone support in the iSight camera, but of no iSight
camera in Vista, of course.

Install any other Macintosh drivers needed (EXCEPT for the ATI card. Vista
will install one when you install Vista) using the installers provided in
the Macintosh Drivers folder.

Hopefully, this will work as smoothly for you that it did for me.


Isnt it fun to do the "undoable" why else pay the supreme bucks for a mac
and install vista only
when you could build a vista ready pc for less LOL

Donald McDaniel

I live, and one day I shall die, as all other men.
Isnt it fun to do the "undoable" why else pay the supreme bucks for a mac
and install vista only
when you could build a vista ready pc for less LOL

Why would it be "undoable"?

Obviously, it is, since it installed as easily as XP does on a Wintel.

I love my Apple Intel PC. In fact, it was just as cheap as any other
PC with the same hardware options.

The Apple Intel PC firmware update which enables one to install XP as
a dual-boot beside OS X adds a BIOS-compatibility module to the EFI
chip software, which makes it possible to install ANY BIOS-using OS as
the sole OS on an Apple Intel PC.

Since I hate OS X, I removed it and installed Vista RC1 Build 5728
(first, to see if it could be done, as several had written in
comp.sys.mac.advocacy, then to see if Microsoft had made great
improvements over RC1 build 5600, as I was reading in various Web
forums). I am here to tell you that Microsoft HAS made great
improvements with Build 5728. In fact, Vista now feels as if it is
near completion.


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