Install Updates and Shut Down



Hello All,

I'm looking for a way to either review or clear the updates that Windows
wants to install every time I try to shut down my computer.

How can I find out exactly what Windows is trying to install prior to the
shutdown process? If that's not possible, how can I simply clear the updates
so that it doesn't ask me again?





Set Automatic Updates' settings:

1. Right-click the Desktop's "My Computer" icon and select "Properties".

2. Open the "Automatic Updates" tab and set it to "Notify me but don't
automatically download or install them." Click the "Apply" button.

Now when there are updates you'll get a window displaying a list of
updates and a description for each. You can select to "Never show"
them, too. (This should have been the default setting!)


Rey Santos

That happens when Updates is set to Automatic (recommended).
Set automatic updates to notify you before downloading updates.
In Control Panel > Automatic Updates mark the radio button "Notify me but
don't automatically download or install them". Whenever the windows update
yellow shield on the Notification area appears, click on it and you will be
presented with two updating options:

Express: This is the recommended option to find all needed high-priority
Custom: This option will scan for high-priority updates and optional
updates, such as drivers or software updates.

Choose Custom, you will be presented with a list of high-priority update
options. Check the updates that you would like to install.

You can also turn off Automatic Updates by choosing the radio button "Turn
off Automatic Updates." You can then just update manually via Control Panel >
Security Center under Resources click on "Check for the latest updates from
Windows update"

PA Bear [MS MVP]


How to configure and use Automatic Updates (AU) in WinXP:

Have you selected the Notify Only option for AU? If so, does
WindowsUpdate.log tell you that *all* of the updates you've approved have
downloaded and are ready to be installed?

Unless you want to download all of the installers for the updates you've
approved, you do not want to clear anything.


Hi Guys,

I actually DON'T use the automatic updates option. I always use the second
option, "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them."

It USUALLY just downloads the updates, puts a notification in my taskbar,
and lets me do an express or a custom install. But every once in a while, it
tries to install some mysterious updates on shutdown without even asking me.

I'm under the impression that the second and third options are the same, the
only difference being that a download of the software is performed in the
background instead of asking before downloading -- the two options shouldn't
be different in how they actually INSTALL the updates, right? Do you guys
mean to tell me that by switching from the SECOND option to the third option,
it won't try to install the updates on shutdown anymore?




PA Bear [MS MVP]

And to whom are you replying?

If AU hasn't notified you that *all* updates have downloaded and are ready
to install but you see the INSTALL UPDATES AND SHUTDOWN option after
clicking on Start | Turn Off computer, it's telling you that *some* (not
*all*) updates have downloaded and are ready to be installed. If you choose
the Restart button instead, the machine will reboot but the updates will not
install. Then you can wait until AU brings in all the updates and gives you
the expected prompt. Note that this can take 5-7 days sometimes. Or you
can go to Windows Update and install all updates manually.

The only time an update is installed without any notification is when the AU
software itself is being updated (rarely happens); cf.

As far as automatic reboots are concerned, see

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