Install Additional RAID driver



I'm looking to migrate a server. My plan is to simply clone the old
data to the new server. I need to know if there is a way to install
the scsi raid drivers on the old server so that when I clone the data
to the new server that it will be able to boot (no inaccessible boot
device BSOD). Is there a way to do this? Force the install of the
drivers into Windows 2000 Server Sp4?

Please let me know if this is possible, or will I have to do the ol'
F6, insert disk, then reinstall, update everything, blah, blah,



I figured this out on my own.

For anyone that searches this, you'll need to inject the MSD drivers
into the exisiting installation as you can't simply "install" them.

You'll need to duplicate what you find in the inf files (registry
modifications, services to create, etc.)

You'll need to copy device drivers into the %windir%\system32\drivers

What I did was make a cheap install of Win2k on the new box to see
what registry entries were created for the RAID card. Pretty easy

Can't do a repair as this was a domain controller. Backup and restore
takes to f**king long. cloning worked like a charm.

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