Inaccessible Boot Device SCSI Controller and ERD Repair



This may be a little lengthy...

I have a Dell PE4600 W2k Perc 3Di RAID Controller.

I purchased an Adaptec 39160 PCI SCSI Controller for an external Tape Drive
and after installing it and restarting the server a BSOD (inaccessible boot
device) occured. I survived the crash by using the ERD and after days with
Dell tech support and recovering from at least 20 more Boot Device BSOD's we
resolved the issue. I could then successfully restart the server as many
times as I wanted without any problems. A week or so later an MS update was
released and I installed it and restarted and the server crashed again.

Can anyone shed some light as to why this SCSI Controller is killing my
server? I assume that when it boots it thinks that that controller has the
HD's on it and attemtps to locate them. I've addressed this issue with Dell
and we've exhausted almost all possibilites. They gave up and said contact MS.

Why does a repair with the ERD fix this? I boot from the W2k CD then load
the 3rd party SCSI Driver Utitlities for my Raid Controller and then run a
fast repair with the ERD. Then the machine reboots again and Voila! all is
good...unless I restart again, then it crashes.

I'd like to understand why it's crashing. Maybe this will shed some light on
a resolution but I don't understand the whole repair process, what the ERD
actual contains and why loading the RAID drivers to memory survives one
restart but not two.

TIA for any response. I greatly appreciate it.


Since this seems to related to your Adaptec Device;
Thought of contacting Adaptec Tech, I've found them helpfull in the past.
Or Checked Adaptec site for firmware or driver updates?


I haven't contacted Adaptec but I've updated all firmware and drivers for the
whole server because of this. Everything is current.

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