Inside Base Series Label Showing #N/A



I have two bar charts that are displaying percentages if the data exists and does not return #N/A. When I select to use data labels and have them "Inside End," they appear exactly how I want with no #N/A. However, when I change the location to "Inside Base," all #N/As appear. The strange thing is that one of the charts is pulling the same data but does not show #N/As no matter where the data labels are. I don't know how to edit individual charts to trigger the showing or hiding of #N/As.

I realize I could just recreate every chart with the one that is working, but there are about 80 charts and that would take forever. Is there an on/off switch for showing Data Labels that have #N/A and hiding them? The two data sets are identically formatted and I know for a fact that the problem issomething with the settings of the chart since if I change the source for the one that is working, it still works.

Thank you for your help.

Michael Wurth


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