Pie charts - 0 values




I have selected data labels for my pie charts containing value and
percentage. However, there are 0 values in the chart and I do not want to
show them. I have tried 0%;;;; but it only hide those values in percentage
while the value data labels are still visible. And when i use 0;;;; it hides
the value data labels but the percentage labels are shown. Is there any way
to hide both set of data labels if it is 0?




Bernard Liengme

I am not a great fan of pie charts so I have minimal experience with them,
but as an experiment I made a chart with this data
A 3
B #N/A (formula =NA())
C 6
D 5
The B point did not appear on the chart
So the advice seem to be the same for pie charts as fro all other: replace
the zero (or empty cell) by =NA()
best wishes


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