Information only - Recycle Bin missing from desktop


Tony Sivori

I just experienced an odd episode with a disappeared Recycle Bin. The icon
was missing from the desktop. Unlike some others with the same problem, my
Recycle Bin was still functional; it still appeared in Windows Explorer and
I was able to open it though Windows Explorer. I was also able to delete
files to it by all the usual methods except for drag and drop to the desktop
icon. So it was purely a cosmetic problem of a missing icon, but an annoying

Why did it disappear? I don't know. Googling suggests TweakUI and Symantec
products as a common cause. I have TweakUI installed, but it had not been
used in weeks. I opened TweakUI to check, and the show icon box for the
Recycle Bin was still checked. No Symantec products are installed.

Google reveal that some suggest that it somehow gets pushed off the visible
area of the desktop.

I believe it was somehow under another icon. In my attempts to bring it
back, I tried right clicking the desktop and selecting all different options
for icon arrangement. Nothing brought it back. Idly, I removed a user
created folder from the desktop, and made it a sub folder in another desktop
folder. Just after that move, I noticed that the IE icon had disappeared.
Doh! Where it had been was now an empty spot.

Since this was a step in the wrong direction, I right clicked on the desktop
and selected "undo move". Suddenly, the IE icon reappeared - along with the
Recycle Bin icon. Completely weird, for sure.

In short, if your Recycle Bin Icon disappears for the desktop but is
otherwise functional and you have not hidden it using TweakUI, nor is it
missing due to Norton Utilities, you might try disabling auto arrange and
then moving icons around on your desktop. You might also try removing any
non-system icons (and folders) from the desktop. You just might find the
missing Recycle Bin icon under one of the other desktop folders or icons.


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