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I have a 15.4" wide screen laptop that looks best at 1280x800
resolution. Fonts become distorted if I lower this resolution and I
wanted to find out if there was a way to magnify the webpages. I tried
increasing the font size but a lot of web pages don't increase the font
size, I also tried the accessibility option in WinXP but that only
shows a portion of the screen magnifiied. Is there a program that will
increase the pages ?



Hi Peter,

You can visit the following web site:

Also, try the following:

In IE do the following:

Click View on the Toolbar.
Select Text Size and choose the desired size by left clicking on it.
Click Tools on the Toolbar
Select Internet Options.
Click the Accessibility button.
Put a check in Ignore Font Sizes Specified On Web Pages option, Click OK,
Click OK to close the Internet Explorer properties window. If Help is open,
close it and open it again to see the change.

This will solve the issue.
Raghu Boddu,
MS MVP - Win Client



In addition to suggestions made by Raghu Boddu, you can increase the DPI
setting on the monitor properties in Windows XP.

Right-click on your desktop-->Click Properties-->Click the Settings
tab-->Click the [Advanced] button-->Select the DPI setting that is easiest on
your eyes.


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