Increase productivity when inserting equations



When typing out equations, I regular use greek symbols like lambda, rho etc...

Why isn't their an "insert symbol" button on the "equation tools" design
toolbar? It would save having to flick between "Insert" and equation toolbar.

I know we can customise toolbars but this ought to be there by default.

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Stefan Blom

You'll find symbols in the Symbols group of the Equation Tools Design tab. Click the arrow at the bottom of the Symbols group to
expand symbols. By default, you'll see the Basic Math symbols, but you can click the label to get other categories.

Jay Freedman

It's already there, if a bit hidden. (This is in Word 2007, by the way, in
case the reference to "equation tools" isn't obvious enough.)

On the Equation Tools tab of the ribbon, at the right end of the Symbols
group there are three triangular "arrows": up, down, and down with a line
over it. Click the down arrow with the line over it. At the top of the
expanded gallery it says "Basic Math" followed by a triangle. Click that to
open a menu, and choose "Greek Letters". Now the Symbols group shows all the
Greek letters. The up and down arrows at the right end will scroll the rows,
or you can click the down arrow with line to open the full gallery.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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