Inconsistant Notes Printing



Hi All, I have a presentation that prints without issue when printing simply
the slides, or even a hand pages with the different amounts of slides on the
page, no problem. But when I attempt to print 'notes', for some reason,
certain slides appear blank, big white space where the slide should be, and
other slides print fine. No particular pattern, can't see anything specific
about them. Some don't print with images on them, others have just basic

Any suggestions? I've even tried to import it into OpenOffice to see where
the problem lies and it too cannot print those specific pages when printing
'notes'. This is using PowerPoint for Mac and OpenOffice 3.0 for Mac. I've
also tried this on PowerPoint 2007 on a Windows 7 RC. Same issue, I go to
the print preview, and it can't preview certain 'notes' slides, but if I to
slides or handouts, they appear fine in the preview.

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