Printing notes to pdf = poor quality print and printing slow.



Just upgraded from windows XP and office 97 to windows 8.1 and office/powerpoint 2013. Brand new computer - I7+8GBRAM+SSD vs old computer 2008 vintage.

When I print pdf of the notes pages, the text in the slide is rasterized (jaggy text), it prints terribly slow, and the file is huge. OTOH, when I print slides to pdf, the text comes through as text. Hence, I am guessing that I have all the required fonts.

I am printing using the print from the menu and selecting the adobe printer.. It is the only option that gives me both notes pages and black and white..

I posted this to the Microsoft forum.

I have tried Steve Rindsberg's recommended 2010 VBA script, but the text isstill jaggy and the files are still large.

I reviewed the old posts here and noted they also referred to Steve's solutions.

I put a very simple slide set that uses the new powerpoint default font with my results from printing here:

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