INBOX not working



This is something that just popped up and I've never seen the problem before.
Normally, e-mail transferred from the server to the INBOX is also
transferred under UNREAD MAIL. I can leave what I get in the INBOX (or
discard it) after I read it and it will disappear from the UNREAD MAIL

All of a sudden, the mail is tranferred into Outlook UNREAD MAIL, but I
don't find it in the INBOX. When I read it, it's gone. To get around this I
have opened a new file folder and drag all unread mail into it before
reading. This saves the e-mail as it would be in the INBOX, but I shouldn't
hae to do this.

All the e-mail in the INBOX that was there BEFORE the problem started is
still there. It's just that nothing new gets into INBOX.

Can anybody help me here.





Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Use Advanced Find to search the entire message store for the subject of one
of the messages in the Unread folder - its in your mailbox, somewhere.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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