Inaccessible boot device



One of my windows 2000 server with 2 disks RAID 0 don't
start and show a "blue screen" with the message " STOP
0x0000007B...Inaccessible boot device".
What can I do to get my server work again. Tanks.




A little more info would help. Did you update or install any RAID utilities?
I ask because this happened to me when I updated the RAID utilities on a
Dell server and the old version did not uninstall properly. Have you tried
"Last Known Good' by pressing F8 during boot? I ended up having to do a
second install on the same disk in order to access and repair the damaged
registry from the original install. You might also search
using the keywords "troubleshooting", "stop" , and "0x0000007B". HTH.

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