"inaccessable boot device"



i was using windows 2000 pro and everything was working
fine... i installed a new motherboard, processor, ram and
video card (processor is different breed, but not
different make, both were AMD) in any case, i configured
the BIOS and it was all fine, i go to boot up windows and
it gets me to the windows splash screen but after 1 blue
notch it gives me a blue screen "Inaccessable Boot device"
and a few hex codes, it said "if this is the first time
you are seeing this error restart your computer and try
again, if this error persists, contact your system
manufacturer." or something like that. so i restarted it
a few times, and i just don't know... i ended up going to
XP, however i still have windows 2000 installed and want
to transfer all of my file and registry settings; i don't
know how to get into windows 2000. as a guess i think it
could be due to an incompatable IDE controller, but if
that was the case i don't know why it would even get to
the splash screen. anyway, if anyone has any incite into
this, it would be greatly appreciated. if you wish you can
e-mail me at (e-mail address removed)



Pegasus \(MVP\)

AFAIK there are two ways to recover from this situation:

a) Re-install Win2000

b) Restore the old motherboard, then make some adjustments
while Win2000 is up and running.

Option b) has a success rate of around 90%. Post again if
you want to go down this track.

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