In Word, how can I place a bar above a letter to show a mean?


Greg Maxey

A very polite way to say what we have all (but one that is) has come to
accept. The method doesn't work.

Greg Maxey

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May 18, 2021
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Hi Peter,

The OP referred to adding an overbar or macron to the letter x. When I type
x and then 0305 as you suggested, I have x0305 with my cursor after the 5. In
this case when I press Alt+X, nothing happens. If I insert a space after the
x, Alt+X does convert the number into an overbar, but the two characters do
not align properly even when I remove the space between them.

To put a bar above say letter A, type A followed by 0305 and then highlight 0305 before pressing Alt X.

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