How to place large vertical bar inside WORD2007 equation editor




Essentially, I am looking for a way to place large vertical bar inside the
equation (using WORD2007 equation editor). The aim to use it when typing
definite integrals i.e. you type the solution to the indefinite integral,
place vertical bar and then specify the limits of integration.

I was trying to change the size of the normal vertical bar inside equation
but it changes the size of the whole equation. So, additionally, if anyone
could suggest the way to change selectively the size of symbols inside
equation, it would be great.

Stefan Blom

When writing out the calculation of an indefinite integral, you usually use
some sort of bracket with the limits as subscript and superscript for that
bracket. You should be able to accomplish that as follows: On the Equation
Tools Design tab of the ribbon, click Script to insert the
superscript/subscript place holder. Insert the appropriate Bracket and then
type in the limits.

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