Equation: Fractions


Guy Lydig

Word 2007
Insert | Equation
When I type a number divided by a fraction using the Stacked fraction and
Small fraction templates on the Equation Ribbon, the Stacked fraction bar
automatically resizes to fit making it difficult to easily differentiate
between the two fraction bars. (Think: 3/2/3 written vertically. Is this 3
divided by 2/3 or 3/2 divided by 3?) Is there a way to prevent the resizing?
I want the Stacked fraction bar to be noticeably longer than the Small
fraction bar. I know I can use Linear or Skewed instead of the Small fraction
but I don't want to.

Yves Dhondt

There is no way to prevent the resizing.

A possible workaround is to add an extra space to the start and the end.
That way the fraction bar will be made larger.


Bob Mathews

You could also use the "old" Equation Editor -- Insert > Object >
Microsoft Equation 3.0.

Bob Mathews
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Design Science, Inc.
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