In the end, are CRT monitors bad for our health?

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.... was there a consensus?

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In message <[email protected]> Mike Huskey
In my case yes, the CRT's were a major migraine trigger.

This is usually a case of frequency, bumping the frequency from 60Hz up
to 75Hz-80Hz usually helped, monitor permitting, of course.

You'll find the odd LCD with a 60Hz backlight out there too, although
they're pretty rare these days (I haven't seen one new in years, but my
sensitivity has decreased too, so I'm not sure I'd pick one out just
walking by it unless I actually stopped to study it)



larry moe 'n curly

VanguardLH said:
You got less irradiated from a CRT than from drinking milk.

What about compared to sleeping with two women? Nuclear physicist
Edward Teller said the average man received less radiation from
nuclear power plants than from sleeping with two women. More
importantly, how well does that work as a pick-up line? (Teller didn't

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