Importing pdf as image into Microsoft Word 2000


Darren Ingram


I'm currently looking at a pdf form which my team completes over and over
after printing out. I would like to import it into a Word document, create a
pop up Userform that they are able to complete and allows them to insert the
answers into the stregically placed word boxes that I will position accross
the document.

PDF length is 13 pages. I know how to create Userform etc but I can't seem
to bring the pdf into the Word document as a 13 page pdf.

Will I have to bring in 13 x 1page images?

Also is there a way to maintain the same image dimensions that the document
was scanned in? Each page of the pdf is A4.

Even when I scan the front page to A4 and insert the image seperately I get
a distorted scan and the font in barely readable.

Any thoughts or hints?


Graham Mayor

A PDF file can only be imported as an object and as objects cannot span
pages you would only see the first page. One solution would be to download
the trial version of SnagIt 9 then use its 'printer'
driver to produce 13 individual PDF pages or any other graphic format of
your choosing, and import the resulting images. I think I would be inclined
to use jpg format.

Paper printers almost invariably will not print to the edge of the paper,
but you can insert a full page image with its layout option set to anything
other than 'in line with text' and set the size to 100%.

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