Importing from Goldmine



Is it possible to import information from Goldmine? I'm looking specifically
to import contact history/activities from Goldmine into BCM.




Ed Marmon

prolly not. maybe goldmine-->outlook, then drag outlook contacts to bcm?

another bet would be something like companionlink's doublelook.

i havent used it, but it would make sense that if you could sync gm to
outlook, then you could drag those contacts to bcm. notes probably.
histories? would have to check the product.



My office has Goldmine 6.7 Corpoarte and all us also have Microsoft Outlook
2003. We purchased Goldmine from our vendor who was front rnage but now they
are owned by publishorperish... anyway they gave us a conduit that allows
outlook to synch with goldmine. And for the most part it works. you can set
it up automatically or manual... I have all our users set on manual so that
they have to physically select which emails to load over to Goldmine
otherwise if we had the automatic copy it could get out of control with some
of the personal email that the users have.... Anyway one drawback that I have
found with the conduit is that in Goldmine you can select a calendar entry as
an appointment and those calendar entries load over to Outlook with no
problems but in goldmine you can also schedule Calls as a calendar entry and
those entries do not export over to outlook.... Just wondering if you have
run into this issue and if you have a solution... I have tried the help
sections of both outlook and goldmine and have had no success....

Additionally, the synch works for all the users who do not have SP2. I have
SP2 on my laptop and the conduit does not work. When I called Front Range
they told me that the goldmine conduit was not built to integrate with SP2
and that I needed to uninstall SP2. Of course I did not opt for this


Would like tips on also transferring the calender items from GoldMine to
MS-BCM. Thanks.




BCM doesn't have a calendar of its own. So you just need to transfer
your appts to Outlook.
From BCM Contacts you can create Outlook Appts, and they'll get added
to the Contact's history.


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