Importing from Excel - error when adding to existing table



I successfully imported from Excel one worksheet of data to Access database
table. I tried importing data from a second worksheet from the same Excel
workbook to add to the existing table and I get an error and it fails to
import. I read a few threads here and tried a few things - still get error.
I'm new to Access. Running Access 2003. I would grateful for any help.

Allen Browne

Someone might be able to help if you read the error message and post it here


Here is the error I am getting ...

An error occurred trying to import file
'\\Pfirsac\case_folders\...\...\Jan-June 2004.xls'. The file was not imported.

I already imported the "Jan" worksheet from this file, which was my first
import to the newly created database. I was trying to import the "Feb"
worksheet to add to the "2004 test" database I already set up.

Thank you

Allen Browne

Goodness, that message is not much help, is it?

There are myriads of things that can go wrong with an import, from the file
being locked, to the column names not matching, or the data types being
wrong, or lack of permissions, or ...

The message gives no clues, so it's hard to know what to suggest.


Goodness ... not much help is right! Yes, I'm gathering from all the Board
info. I read that all sorts of issues can occur during an import. I'll hang
tight & see if anyone else has any experience/solutions to share.

Thanks for your post nonetheless.

James A. Fortune

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