Importing into existing table


Karen Burke


I have one table, "Master", in which I've imported data from an Excel file.
I have another Excel file with the identical columns that I want to import
into this table. But I keep getting an error message saying "An error
occurred while trying to import C:\....". And then it says it won't import
the file. It imports no problem when I send it to a new table, but I need it
to be appended to the existing table.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Tom van Stiphout

On Fri, 10 Apr 2009 07:24:01 -0700, Karen Burke

I don't know, but there is certainly nothing wrong with first
importing the sheet to a "temporary" table, and then using an Append
query to copy the data to the "real" table. In that process you may
also want to exclude duplicates. Hopefully you already have unique
index(es) on the Master table that would prevent that in the first
place. (Otherwise you'll be back here later asking how to remove
duplicates :) )

Microsoft Access MVP

Karen Burke

The complete message isn't very informative. Here it is: "An error occurred
trying to import the file C:\My Documents\TestData.xls. The file was not
imported." My only option is to hit OK, which returns me to the wizard.


Create a select query and in design view click on icon for Append, type in
the table name at the prompt. Drag down all fields and match in the Append
To row of the grid.

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