Importing File changing Original Headers/Footers



I'm working in Word 2003. My original document has 2 sections, with
different 1st page header/footer selected. Section 1 has unique
header/footers set for 1st page and rest of section. Section 2 is a
continuous page break, has different margins than section 1, and the all
headers/footers in section 2 are blank.

My document to insert has multiple sections, does not have diff 1st page
header/footer selected, and does not have a header or footer in any section.

I need my final document to keep the header/footer data as it was before I
did my insert. But, when I insert the 2nd file, my original section 2 and
all inserted sections pick up the section 1 header/footer.

Is there a way I can bring in the 2nd document as is (w/o original section 1
header/footer) and also not change original section 2?





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