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nuttie netballer

HELP !!! Using Word 2007 (ugh!!)

Have inherited a a document with a header and footer on page 1 - which is
section 1. Have a 2nd blank page (no headers or footers showing) which shows
as being section 2. Want to remove the 2nd blank page but when I go to
remove this 2nd page by deleting the section break above - which is on page
1, section 1, the header and footer from section 1 disappears. Have tried
all sorts to rectify but alas cannot work it out. Can anyone direct me
through this process one careful step at a time.
Idiot proof answers pleeaaaassseee !!

Nuttie Netballer



Graham Mayor

Display the section break with CTRL+* or click the ¶ button on the home tab
Double click in the first page header to open the header view
Word will switch to the design tab
Select Next Section
Click 'Link to Previous'
Click Close Header/Footer
Select and delete the section break.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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