Importing excel into access



I'm using Excel 2003 and Access 2007. I've imported several worksheets into a
table in my database to manipulate. All of the data is numberic except the
first column and first row, which are txt fields. And 2 other columns that
are date fields. I was trying to append the data into the appropriate fields
but am getting some errors. Does the data in the excel sheet have to be
formatted in the correct data type before it is imported?




Jeff Boyce

A couple of considerations...

First, if you are trying to import data, it sounds like that first row is
not so much data as field names. Depending on how you are importing, you
may wish to leave off that first row.

Second, since Excel data is rarely as well-normalized as a well-normalized
Access database. So what, you ask? So, the features and functions that
Access offers are optimized for relational data (unlikely to be coming from
Excel). A common approach here is to import the raw data, then use queries
to 'parse' it into your more permanent (and well-normalized) Access tables.

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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