Importing csv into a text field, Type Conversion error?



In Access 2002, I am importing a csv file created in Excel 2002. When the
csv is imported (using TransferText in a macro), an error table is created
for one field only, BillZip (billing zip code). In the table, it says it's a
Type Conversion error. BillZip is set up as a text field in Access.

In the destination table, in the BillZip field, the only values that are
missing are those containing alpha characters:

K0L1L0 (alpha, Canada)
28220-2022 (dash -, US)
695 003 (space, India)

Those containing only numeric characters come through fine, such as: 93536

What is the solution for this? I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thank



Although you did not statem explicitly whether you are importing to a new
table or existing table, I suspect it is an existing table based on your
statement that BillZup is set up as a text field in Access.

In any case, this is a time to consider a link rather than an import. I
would suggest you link your spreadsheet, then create a query to move the data
into your Acces table that explicitly type casts your BillZip field as Text.
It can be done easily by using the Cstr() function in the query to convert it.

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