|9 can't find the field '|' Error when importing a csv to Access 2



Hi, I was trying to import or link an external csv file to Access 2007 but
got the error message like this:
|9 can't find the field '|' referred to in your expression. You may have
misspelled the field name, or the field may have been renamed or deleted.

The csv file contains one field "Hour" as date/time and all other fields are

I checked the field names and their values and could not find anything
wrong. I even deleted the headers from the csv file and re-import or re-link
to Access 2007, and the same error occurs.

However the same file was successfully imported to Access 2003 via linked
table on a different PC with only glitch that I have to change to Date/Time
to text for "Hour".

Thoughts and suggestions are appreicated.

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