Importing a blank field from a csv file



I have a .csv file with no headers that is sent to me everyday. It always
has 44 fields. The problem I have is that if there are null values in at the
top of the 44th column, then that column is simply ignored. There could be
values starting on row 500, but if there are no values when Access inspects
the file, then none of the column is imported.

I tried creating an import specification and adding a 44th field, but Access
ignores that on the import.

My current workaround is open the file in Excel and add headers to all 44
fields. Is there a way to get Access to recognize that last column even when
there is no data?



Sound like you are letting it create a new table. A better solution would be
to use an import spec with the 44 fields, create a table with the 44 fields,
and import into the existing table. It can be a working table that you clear
out before you use it, then append the results of the import to your
production table.

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