Import Text Semi-Colon Delimited - Macro Issue



I am having trouble making a macro import semi-colon delimited text. Access
is wanting to automatically import using comma delimited, which is completely
fouling up my import.

How do I make an Access macro import a text file in semi-colon delimited
format instead of the default comma format?



do the import manually the first time, using File | Get External Data |
Import, set up the import correctly in the Import Wizard, and save the
Import Specification (see the Advanced button in the lower left corner of
the wizard). then in your macro, select the Specification Name from the
droplist, in the Action Arguments section.



Not sure as to how or why your question was diverted to me, just seeking
answers to my quest for phone numbers and addresses, for my
quests...frustrating is it not?,,,Tarry

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