create a ASCII semi-colon or comma delimited file



I need to create a ASCII semi-colon or comma delimited file. The text in the
file need to appear as follows:


I can save the text file with the semicolons or commas as delimiters;
however I cannot get both. I am working with a Excel 2003


My question is same as Stephane's: what do you mean by "both". You should
only need one character as a field separator, and Excel's export to .CSV type
file will do that just fine (using the comma as the separator).

You are trying to create the delimited file from Excel, correct?

If you are concerned that the field separator may fall into part of a data
item, such as

Hello, world.
Hello; world.

Don't! If a field separator is part of a data field, Excel's exporting
routine will automatically enclose the entire data field within double-quote
characters which tells the file that reads it later that it's not a field
separator, but is, instead, a part of a data item. In such cases the text
above might appear in the ASCII file as:
1234,"Hello, world.",John,7.35
1234;"Hello; world.";John;7.35

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